On December 9, 2014 Mozilla & Telenor announced that they have partnered to create the WebRTC Competency Center to help advance WebRTC and standardization. The main goal of the center is to evolve the Mozilla WebRTC software stack into the leading WebRTC stack by joining forces with communications industry leaders. These leaders will contribute software engineering, domain knowledge, and other resources into the center. The purpose of this is to ensure WebRTC continues to enable operators and app developers to build innovative communication experiences.

Telenor and future WebRTC Competency Center partners will contribute to the core Mozilla WebRTC stack. With a stake in the development of WebRTC, partners will influence the future direction of the WebRTC standards and help balance the supported and optimized use-cases, for example, the interoperability with Telecom infrastructures (voice/video, codecs, in-net TURN, etc.) and peer-to-peer video conferencing. As the Mozilla WebRTC stack is open source, developers are free to integrate it into their products and services.

About Mozilla

Mozilla is a global community dedicated to building free, open source products and technologies that improve the online experience for people everywhere. We work in the open with a highly disciplined, transparent and cooperative development process, under the umbrella of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Mozilla Messaging organizes the development and marketing of email and communications products, including the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

About Telenor

Telenor Group is an international provider of telecom, data and media communication services. Telenor Group has mobile operations in 11 markets in the Nordic region, Central and Eastern Europe and in Asia. The company also has an ownership stake of 36.4 percent in VimpelCom Ltd., operating in 19 markets. Headquartered in Norway, Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with 140 million mobile subscriptions.

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You can find more information about the Mozilla’s announcement on their blog.

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