On March 25, 2015 VoxImplant announced full WebRTC support in the newest versions of its Android SDK and iOS SDK. The updated SDKs, which enable audio and video calls on mobile devices, are now compatible with the WebRTC standard to allow any mobile app to communicate with WebRTC-enabled browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and, when available, Microsoft Spartan. VoxImplant’s mobile SDKs install voice and video call capabilities within apps and provide a cloud communications platform upon which those capabilities can run. VoxImplant provides both infrastructure and scalability so that mobile developers do not need to deal with the complexities of setting up a cloud infrastructure for P2P audio and video communication.

About VoxImplant

VoxImplant empowers web and mobile apps with voice and video communication through its cloud platform. A service made by Zingaya (the company delivering real-time communication services to businesses), VoxImplant allows developers to build applications faster and more easily by taking care of the complex infrastructure and technologies all too common when adding audio and visual communication into apps.

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You can find more information about the VoxImplant’s announcement on their blog.

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