On April 14, 2015 Twilio announced Twilio Video with an integrated combination of scalable infrastructure services as well as software development kits (SDKs) to easily embed video into mobile apps, SaaS products, browsers and websites. The new video offering uses the WebRTC standard to ensure cross-platform interoperability. The addition of video builds on Twilio’s experience running high-scale, geographically distributed production WebRTC services, which will complete nearly one billion voice minutes this year. Developers who want to leverage WebRTC for video and voice must build their own low-latency infrastructure for signaling and registration, network traversal, and global media routing, all while supporting multiple mobile devices and browsers. Twilio addresses these challenges by providing the necessary infrastructure services, running in 28 data centers in seven regions around the world.

About Twilio

Twilio, the software and cloud-based communications platform, enables developers and businesses to rapidly build and deploy communication solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether integrating voice, messaging and/or VoIP capabilities into a web or mobile app or building a complete system like a call center, Twilio removes the traditional obstacles to creating effective communications experiences. Twilio gives businesses the ability to innovate, prototype, create, and connect with their customers at the right time and in the way. The company is privately held and based in San Francisco, California.

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You can find more information about the Twilio’s announcement on their blog.

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