On September 23, 2015 Bit6 (www.bit6.com), a communications-as-a-service platform provider, announced the launch of AssistHub (https://assisthub.io), a cloud-powered, real-time communications solution aimed at helping companies interact with their customers in a faster and more personal way. Bit6’s AssistHub makes it easy to integrate real-time chat and messaging capabilities directly into a company’s website or mobile app, which benefits the people on both sides of the screen.

About Bit6

Bit6 (www.bit6.com) enables developers integrate communications into their mobile and web applications. By providing a real-time, cloud-based platform, developers can now easily add voice/video calling, texting, and multimedia messaging capabilities as a feature to their applications. Bit6 technology powers top mobile apps, connecting millions of calls and texts all over the world. Based in Houston, Texas, Bit6 is a division of Voxofon.

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You can find more information about the Bit6’s announcement on MarketWatch.

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