$5.3 Million in Series A Funding


On January 26, 2016 SnapMD announced that they have received $5.3 Million in Series A Funding to support sales pipeline for telemedicine professionals. Their product, a whitelabeled offering called Virtual Care Management, allows physicians to provide virtual care to their patients using video, audio, and text message consultations. Patients can communicate with physicians using an iOS or Android app as well as a web app. Physicians can also use the tool to collaborate with other physicians.

About SnapMD

SnapMD is a cloud-based enterprise Virtual Care Management (VCM) software focused on improving access to convenient and high quality healthcare. The company provides a robust private-label HIPAA compliant communications and management platform designed to enable healthcare providers to directly engage patients online. The SnapMD Virtual Care Management platform enables secure live video, audio and text encounters between ambulatory patients and their primary and specialty care clinicians. Using the Virtual Care Management VCM platform, healthcare providers can conduct on-demand virtual consultations to reduce avoidable visits to the emergency department, schedule and conduct follow-up consultations for patients with chronic conditions or those undergoing active treatment, and provide remote medical services such as occupational health and in-school virtual clinics. With SnapMD’s telemedicine VCM technology, healthcare providers have another powerful tool to help them optimize efficiencies in personnel utilization while expanding access to high quality care.

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You can find more information on SanpMD’s funding on Mobi Health News.

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