On December 18, 2014 Brekeke announced that they now support WebRTC on their new version (v3.4) of Brekeke PBX. With WebRTC support, companies or service providers can use their PBX to let their website visitors make phone calls or video calls with a single browser click. By using a WebRTC-compatible web browser, there’s no need for users to install any plug-ins or client software.

Website owners can not only provide communication capabilities for WebRTC clients but they can also connect them with existing SIP-enabled telephone networks. This means that communication opportunities have dramatically increased for companies using a SIP-enabled telephone network. For example, setting up a video conference call used to require either having everyone on the same software or making them all install plug-ins. This obstacle stopped people from holding meetings spontaneously or on the fly. Using WebRTC, anyone on any platform and in any location can join a video conference using a WebRTC-compatible web browser.

About Brekeke

Brekeke PBX is a SIP-based, IP-PBX software that creates telephony systems for enterprises and service providers. Brekeke PBX comes in three editions: Single-tenant, Multi-tenant (MT) and Contact Center Suite. Brekeke designed PBX MT Edition to be used as a software platform for hosted telephony service providers with a true multi-tenancy feature. The Brekeke Contact Center Suite (CCS) is the latest product derived from Brekeke PBX that provides call capability as well as many other features that are required for a contact center.

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You can find more information about Brekeke’s announcement on their blog.

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