$4 Million in Seed Funding


On October 5th, 2016, Paperspace, has raised $4 million in funding so that enterprise users can run a full computer in the cloud and stream it to any device.The startup aims to bring a slick virtual desktop experience to enterprises.PaperSpace is already being used by architects, designers, lawyers, accountants, and researchers who can benefit from running a high-performance computer in the cloud. The New York company went through the Y Combinator incubator last year and has raised $4 million in funding. Investors including Ludlow Ventures, Data Collective, and Initialized Capital, as well as high-profile individuals, including Jeff Carr, one of the cofounders of cloud hosting company DigitalOcean. The company launched its initial service last summer, and it has since evolved to offer a more software-centric experience.


About Paperspace 

Paperspace started with the idea that buying and managing computers is an unnecessarily painful and expensive process. By renting a powerful desktop in the cloud, it is finally possible to get rid of the distraction and focus on what you love to do instead. With Paperspace, your desktop is available wherever you are. You can simply log in from any device and have access to all your data.

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