$5.22 Million in Venture Capital Funding


On December 16, 2016, Open-Xchange raised $5.22 Million in venture capital in a round led by eCAPITAL. Open-Xchange, a long-time provider of white label email is taking a giant leap into the consumer space. Developing a service designed to strike a new balance between privacy and advertising. During a French-German government digital summit this week, the company announced a partnership to develop the service with Qwant. The privacy-focused search engine based in Paris. The idea is to create a European-based alternative to most email services. An alternative that severely limits collection of user data and the ability to sell it to advertisers.

With the new service called OX.io, users can opt into any broad advertising category or they can get an ad-free premium version. The companies promise users that their email and search history will not be tracked and the email will come with PGP encryption.

Open-Xchange founder and CEO Rafael Laguna said he hopes the company can use that scale as leverage to convince advertisers and users to accept a different approach to the question of email and privacy.

About Open-Xchange

OX is the world’s leading provider of open source software-as-a-service solutions for hosting, service provider and telecommunications companies. Deployed by the most innovative businesses worldwide, the OX flagship product – OX App Suite – gives people the freedom to work in ways that make them more productive and secure

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