On September 9, 2014, ooVoo partnered with Intel to release the ooVoo SDK for WebRTC. ooVoo’s SDK for WebRTC enables mobile and web developers to build multiplatform applications integrating high quality, multiparty, video chat into web applications within modern web browsers. ooVoo worked with Intel to create a unique gateway for WebRTC that allows ooVoo’s video cloud to function as a mediator. This gives developers the opportunity to implement enhanced real-time communications using ooVoo’s global, video cloud regardless of the end user’s hardware. With no plugins necessary, a scalable infrastructure, and complete UI control, the ooVoo SDK provides an easy solution to power the visual connection layer in all different categories of applications.

About ooVoo

New York-based ooVoo is the largest independent video chat provider offering free, high quality, one-on-one and group video calling and messaging. Our community of over 100 million users access ooVoo via iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire Phone, Mac, and PC.


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You can find more information about oovoo’s announcement on their blog.

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