On January 4, 2015 Amaryllo demonstrated its new home security robot, iCamPRO FHD, at CES in Las Vegas. Amaryllo’s camera features a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and a built-in multiple-sensor network, iCamPRO FHD is highlighted by its real-time all-direction object tracking camera for home security. Its advanced embedded technologies and tracking algorithm to seek and to lock on moving objects, iCamPRO is able to analyze object movement frame-by-frame to perform fast object tracking.

The patent-pending technologies employing multiple motion sensors around the device provide an additional location information to the embedded computer to steer the camera to the detected area even in darkness. These motion sensors act as security lookout to constantly seek movement in the house to provide instant feedback to CPU to process. The high-quality optical lens and 1920 x 1080 resolution image sensor yield a needed image detail to be gridded into 2,000-plus small pixel blocks to accurately determine object’s location over 30 feet.

About Amaryllo

Amaryllo International B.V. (Amaryllo) is a worldwide leading intelligent home security product company. Founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with facilities in Asia. Amaryllo develops award-winning home security products. Amaryllo is a licensee of Apple MFi, Skype Developer, Windows Developer, Google Play Developer, AAC+, UPnP, Bluetooth SIG, along others.

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