$30 Million in Venture Funding


On October 13, 2016, Cloud9 Technologies, a provider of secure communications platforms for financial institutions, closed on a $30 million funding round led by JPMorgan Chase & Co., ICAP plc, Barclays plc , and Point72 Ventures. Cloud9 Technologies’ platform is a cloud-based communication system that lets traders place trades and communicate with the back office. Its service is end-to-end encrypted and supports voice chat as well as integration into 3rd-party apps. The company’s platform has the potential to replace the trading turret, the current mainstay of trader communications technology, and “cut Wall Street’s landline,” wrote Point72 Ventures partner Pete Casella in a Medium post earlier this week.

About Cloud 9 Technologies 

Cloud 9 Technologies is a cloud communications service provider. They provide high performance voice, messaging and collaboration services designed for the unique needs of distributed work groups and teams.

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You can find more information on Cloud 9 Technologies’s funding on Bezinga.com.

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