On January 24, 2017, CafeX Communications®, a leading supplier of real-time digital engagement solutions, announced it has acquired Vayyoo, a leader in mobile-first virtual meeting room technology for enterprises. The Canadian-based company, is recognized for its innovative Vayyoo Rooms offering. Unlike traditional collaboration solutions that simply facilitate communication between users. Vayyoo Rooms focuses on overarching business activities, bringing together the right stakeholders and information at the right time to achieve target outcomes.

Vayyoo Rooms will be rebranded as ChimeSpaces under the acquisition. Chimespace’s outcome-driven approach aligns with our vision to deliver contextual collaboration solutions that are adapted to our customers’ business objectives,” said Rami Musallam CEO of CafeX. “We had initially looked to CafeX as a partner to bring a more robust and seamless collaboration suite to market,” said Shailesh Kaul, CEO of Vayyoo. “As we looked deeper, it became apparent that the capabilities and vision of our two organizations are highly complementary, and a permanent relationship was a natural next step.We are very excited to join the CafeX family and are eager to continue developing collaboration solutions oriented around business outcomes for enterprises around the world.”


Vayyoo, a leader in mobile-first virtual meeting room technology for enterprises. An innovative and experienced team with a very successful track record of delivering best of breed enterprise grade solutions in the area of communications and enablement. Vayyoo’s leadership and founding team is composed of former BlackBerry architects and product experts, all participants of the the last enterprise technology revolution.


CafeX makes it easier for companies to enhance live engagement within web and mobile applications. Trusted by many Global 2000 companies, CafeX’s award-winning collaboration software operates within the context of business workflows to increase customer satisfaction and workforce productivity.

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You can find more information about CafeX’s acquisition of Vayyoo on WSFA website.

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